Songs The Devil Taught Us

by Grenadiers

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Debut album, released 2010.


released September 3, 2014


all rights reserved



Grenadiers Adelaide, Australia

3 piece Punk/Rock band from Adelaide, Australia. If you dig The Bronx, QOTSA or Hot Snakes, you may dig this.

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Track Name: Abandon Ship
Six months at sea, six months in hell, six months with you. The Ocean, my mistress. I throw myself at your mercy, there’s nothing I can do. Send a signal of distress. And if you choose to take my life I will not fight, I’ll drink with Davey Jones tonight.

Abandon ship! This thing is sinking fast. No need to hold on to the mast. Avast, avast, avast! Don’t hold on.

Pull me into your arms and never let me go. Let no-one interrupt us. That life is over now, I look to tomorrow. Throw away my old compass. No buried treasure, no more maps upon my mind- who knows what I might find?

Don’t hold on too long to this mess.
Track Name: No-One Listens
I got a venomous look. I got some dangerous clothes. All the hours I put in and dollars I spent make me scream rebel from head to toe. It takes a lot to look this careless, hours and hours spent achieving that perfect look.

I got a bleak outlook on life. I got a misanthropic twist. My perfect family life and upper class guilt now have made me incredibly pissed. It takes a lot to look this sour, repressing my smiles lest my image be tarnished for good.

But no-one listens when I speak my mind so loud. No, no-one listens, and my voice just gets lost in the crowd. Oh, I got so much to say, but everyone just keeps on turning away. Nobody listens, no no-one ever listens to me!

I guess I’m just too progressive. I’m too ahead of my time. I guess they’ll all realise how awesome I was a couple of years down the line. Call it a long-term investment. It’ll all be worth it when I am revered as a God!
Track Name: Leave It In Your Pocket
When you see me with my headphones, when I’m on my way to class, it aint time for a friendly chat, it’s better just to let me pass. Don’t you get that fucking book out, about the Son and the Most High. I’m not that kind of dude, I aint that kind of guy.

Leave it in your pocket, give it to someone else. You’ll leave it in your pocket if you value your health! There’s a bit of power in the hand that you just shook, and it’s liable to meet your face if you bash that fucking book!

I know you’re on a mission, it’s evangelical. It’s a competition to see how many heathens you pull. But if heaven’s populated by fucking chumps like you, I’d rather go to hell and hang out with some decent dudes.

Do I believe its true? No, I don’t believe I do.
Track Name: Nothing To Say
I sit with a pen in my grip, paper in front of my face, waiting for inspiration. But it never comes! I just sit here vacant, staring at the wall, nothing going on at all inside my mind. Is there something beautiful to find? Not in mine. Why do I even bother trying?

This tune sounds decent to me, it’s got a good melody. Not gonna ruin it with some inane philosophy. Let the music swallow you whole. It doesn’t need a moral to do something good for your soul.

I could sit here pondering my life and the workings of the world, trying to find divinity. They’re the questions we all ask. But they’ll never be answered, let alone by an asshole with a guitar, or some oversexed rock star. Pretentious and lame, so lame. Why pretend to have a brain? Maybe it’s fame, or cocaine, or maybe they’re just insane.

I don’t mean do offend, but I aint gonna pretend that I got a message to send, or any kind of advice to lend. I aint no Hemingway. I guess I just got nothing to say. But I don’t mind it that way.
Track Name: Fireboy
When I was just a lad, we had a dog named Rex. He was a good, good boy- favourite of the family pets. One day when mum was out, I thought of a little game. It was sad to see Rex go, but so much fun to watch the flames! They called the RSPCA. The next day, men in white coats took me away.

When I was in that place, I had a film that liked best. It was “Apocalypse Now”- I had it on VHS. I had a favourite part, it was the opening scene. And I re-wound it every time to see the napalm blow the trees. Its always smelled like victory. It sang to me; “we’ll be so limitless and free”.

Your dreams, lust and desire. His dreams, global empires. My dreams, only of fire.

They finally let me out. I went home to mum and dad. “Sorry for what I done, I know that I been bad”. When they were fast asleep (they didn’t know I’d stayed up late), I lit a match under their bed and fire led them to their fate. There were no bodies to cremate. They don’t appreciate the unique art that I create.
Track Name: Old Uncle Scratch
I got a terrible addiction. It’s always eating at my soul. It used to be a blast, but now it’s just no fun. I swear this is the last time, and after that I’m done. I never wanted to be like this, it’s just the way that I was raised. When everyone around is so sickeningly cute, always fucking smiling, it’s enough to make you puke.

And you prayers are all wasted on them, yes they are.

I’ll rise again, I’ll rise up from the ashes, and I’ll be your friend.

I got a terrible affliction. It’s always eating at my mind. I’ll try not be eating anybody’s soul, but you gotta understand, sometimes it’s out of my control. But I don’t mind that I was cast out. I never did look good in white. And God was such a boring drag, he never had the time. He’s got better things to do that listen to you whine.

And your prayers are all wasted on Him, yes they are.

Every night you kneel down by your bed side, and pray to the Lord. But your prayers go unheard. He’s never listening, but you know that I am. I’m not such a bad guy. Not I!
Track Name: Good Advice
As you can probably tell, we ain’t in Kansas no more. So you can take your fucking dreams and check them, leave them at the door. Welcome to the real world baby! This won’t be like the fucking good old days in school. Back then you might have been worth something, but now you’re fucking expendable.

And you can bitch and you can moan all you want, but that means nothing when it comes to the crunch. You gotta walk that line, like Johnny fucking Cash was saying back in ’59. It don’t get easier with time, but like the man in black said, you gotta walk the line.

As you can probably tell, delusions of grandeur aside, you’re just another fucking urchin who needs to learn to swallow his pride. Welcome to the real world baby! Sit down and shut up, drink your water, breathe your air. I’d open up a dialogue with you, but In truth I don’t fucking care.
Track Name: A Song The Devil Taught Me
I walk these streets alone, my pockets full of cigarettes and lint. I aint a socialite, but most folks just can’t seem to take a hint. They ask me “why the lack of words?”. Guess I just aint got much to say. Not much one for conversation with nice folks like you anyway. These bones. The stories I could tell!

I seen it all my friend, the boring days, the hot and sinful nights. And as I trawl around, I look for work but mostly get in fights. But I got something on my side, it gives me strength to get me through. When that voice whispers in my ear, I know exactly what to do. I’m yours. Guide me as you may.

I took it all and sold it to the Devil. Never even asked a decent price. Living on them red beans and rice. I made a pact I have to keep forever, until they put my body in the dirt. Made a promise I never can reverse.

For as long as I can recall, this voice been singing me these songs. Sometimes they tell me to do right, sometimes they tell me to do wrong. But sure as rivers come from rain, I know that I done paid my dues. And for a little whiskey drink, sit down and I’ll sing you these blues. Old Scratch taught me to sing these blues.

I followed my two feet. They took me to somewhere, the intersection of two dusty streets, a crossroad. I stood there alone, but only for a while, until a man approached with elegance and style. He said nothing, just gave a knowing smile. He handed me a contract, I never even read it- the details I just somehow understood. I took that paper and inked it in my blood.
Track Name: A Fine Way To Exit
They say that in this world, only the strong survive. That’s why you gotta prove that you deserve to be alive. Go out, do something stupid, go out, do something dumb. Will you get life to embrace you, or will you get death to come?

Don’t listen to the warnings! What could possibly go wrong? I promise that you won’t get lost, stabbed or beaten, robbed or shot- you’re way too quick and smart and strong.

The water’s deep enough, you know it ain’t no thing. That bouncer ain’t that big, why don’t you take a swing? You gotta do these things while you still can, or else it’s too late. Just leave it up to God, just leave it up the fate.

Your life today. Throw it away. You gotta risk it every day. Your life, throw it away.

Don’t swim between the flags, there’s probably not a shark. Throw that cigarette into dry grass, there will not be a spark. That snake don’t have no venom, that dog don’t have a bite, that knife ain’t very sharp, I guarantee you’ll be alright.
Track Name: Bad Hand
Johnny sits in his highchair, looks around at it all. Tries to understand the way his plate is arranged, everything’s amazing and incredibly strange. He eats from a silver spoon. He’s gonna be on his own two feet soon. Success is already in his DNA, you know he’s gonna be an important man someday. But now, right now, he don’t understand.

Johnny sits in the classroom, looks around at his peers. He wonders why the teacher looks at him with a frown, he wonders why the girls are always turning him down. He puts his head to the desk, he knows that there will be a time for success. Everything he hungers for will someday be his, you someday everyone is gonna know who he is. But now, right now he just don’t understand.

Johnny sits in his office, takes a look at the time. He doesn’t think the boss appreciates his work, and Bill from market research is always a jerk. He calls his wife on the phone, she says she’s tired of feeling so alone. Johnny’s glad that she got that off her chest, and he’s pretty sure that everything will work for the best. But now, right now he just don’t understand.

Johnny sits on his deathbed, starts looking back at his life. He remembers places, her remembers names. He remembers all the guilt, and a lot of the shame. He tries to think of a cause, tries desperately to remember who he was. Did lady luck just deal him a bad hand, or was it all a part of some incredible master plan? Well, I’m damned if I understand.

No I don’t understand, he don’t understand, no-one understands.

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