by Grenadiers

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released January 23, 2015

Recorded at Capital Sound Studio Adelaide between Oct 2012 - July 2013
Produced & Mixed James Balderston
Mastered by Carl Saff @ Saff Mastering, Chicago USA
All music written by Grenadiers. All lyrics written by Jesse Coulter


all rights reserved



Grenadiers Adelaide, Australia

3 piece Punk/Rock band from Adelaide, Australia. If you dig The Bronx, QOTSA or Hot Snakes, you may dig this.

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Track Name: Summer
Here in these wasted days, guarded misplaced malaise
My place, my cold, my way
My sodden place to stay
And wait for the summer to come

The glum and the glummer, here in my endless summer
The dumb just get dumber, brain calls are pummelled away
Keep your smiles and sun block, I’ll just block out the sun
My darkness light as air, outside your sunshine weighs a ton

They’re all in packs outside, beautiful backs are fried
I’m pale and terrified, grown scales to run and hide
I hate for the summer to come

If I could wish quite well
I’d wish for a wishing well
And every coin that fell would pray for waves to wash it all away
Track Name: Factotum
Weekdays at the factory
Soul-crushing drudgery
My hands are another mans, feel like a machine

Ever wonder why you break your fucking back?
You’re a factory, factotum, artefact

Barkeep, another drink
I’ll shoot ‘em down ‘til I can’t think
I wanna wash these blues away, wanna wash them down

And the blues that I have swallowed laid me up
But someday they’ve gotta come the fuck back up
And I aint your fucking gopher anymore
I’m punching out

I’m sick and tired of Maggie’s farm
I wanna own my own two arms
I wanna go out and hit the town
I wanna burn my bridges down
I wanna show them who I am
I wanna sing my own songs
I wanna take this fucking job and shove it where it belongs
Track Name: Take Forever
Here we are on the outside, waiting for a distraction
Something to come rein us in
Hanging on the periphery, quietly charfing a cigarette
Taking note of our mortal sins

Take forever baby
You don’t have to decide
Take forever, don’t think of the others
When they put it upon you, you don’t have to surrender

You don’t need to think of him or his paranoid seraphim
He’s perfectly indifferent
How quaint your opinion that opinions matter
Or matter is anything

Here we are on the boundary, waiting for a solution
Hanging on ‘til the day we die
Mistake of a second chance, the sex in a slow dance
The wink of a knowing eye
Track Name: Handfuls of Dirt
What a place to be, surpassed in brutality not even in my nightmares
Held down
Anti-depressant cold turkey nausea, lessened not by constant beatings at the hands of coward men
Pushed down
Forced down deeper into darkness

Nothing to pay for, or to atone
Invented sins
You’re not a martyr, you’re not alone
Answer to no-one

What a place to be, incessant blackness weakening the eyes and making one a creature of the night
Given hope with one hand while it’s taken with the other, leaving me with naught
No life
But what gives light must endure burning

Thrown into a hole
Escaped with my soul
Handfuls of dirt to remind me
Track Name: Nothing On
Another Saturday night, gone
Another Saturday night, nothing on
Another boring movie or song
Another long production line of beers and bongs
Everything that we do blows
Sick of your band, sick of your shows
I’m sick of every fucking person I know
And now my life just seems to drag on and on

Sitting changing the channel
Nothing on, nothing on, nothing on
No phone calls from my friends,
Nothing on, nothing on, nothing on
Huffing two-stroke in my room
Nothing’s wrong, nothing’s wrong, nothing’s wrong
Nothing is wrong

Another Saturday night, waste
Another Saturday night at my place
Nothing to do but grind my brain to a paste
Until my language is forgotten and I can’t feel my face
Unfit to work, unfit to live
Face like a pizza and a mind like a sieve
Zero is the amount of fucks that I give
Content to sit through summer shitting myself
Track Name: Stay Inside
Throw on your boots and take a look out the door, cos it’s a wide world baby
Then run back inside and don’t go out anymore cos it’s a mean one
You don’t deserve your boredom, you don’t deserve your hunger
But every boy and girl needs a rock to hide under

Your privilege is a weapon loaded and set to stun, and keep you proud and wary
But there’s no creature comfort when the creature is numb to everything
You got no right to hatred, you got no right to fear
A dose on xenophobia makes everything clearer

Stay inside, it’s a big wide world out there and I am wholly terrified

You’re cultured because you’ve been drunk in Kuta before, you bought a Bintang t-shirt
You sent your brood of brats to get braided on the shore for fifteen bills
You got no claim to wisdom, you got no claim to culture
Urbanity’s a carcass and you are a vulture

You use ten percent of your sex drive
Five percent of your brain
Three percent of all the shit that you eat, while the rest is digested and retained
Ninety percent of your malice
One hundred percent of your doubt
One hundred and eighty percent of your income, a hole from which you’ll never climb out

And you dig, dig every day
Deeper and deeper, you dig every day
Track Name: Fanny Pack
We got a place of bad connections
“Been a long time, how’s your life?”, pretend to care

And everybody asks me “why the long face?”
Well, aint I talking to you?

I’m in a place of no protection
Your business is your business, don’t make it mine

And everybody asks me “why the long face?”
Well, aint I drinking with you?

I’m in a house of bold deception
You’re bigger, you’re better, you’re boring.

And everybody asks me “why the long face?”
And I ask myself “why am I in this place?"
Track Name: Wishbone
Hope is a gateway drug
Don’t do it man, you don’t want none of that shit
Doped into a life of dependence
When hope becomes belief and belief becomes the writ
Bogged down in appeals to tradition
And thinking never travels when it becomes the wheel
Convinced to lay down in submission
Convinced your dream will come true, it never will

A drowning man can pray for air but that won’t get him anywhere

You don’t like it and trust logic still less
Light hurts nobody’s eyes when we’re all kept in the dark
Seduced by a mass mental illness
Chatting with Charles Darwin on the deck of Noah’s ark
Fear pays when you know how to spin it
Who needs antibiotics; we’ve got our thoughts and prayers
Thank you for your wide-open spirit
Maybe consider closing it up for repairs

Quiet faith at fever pitch
Malicious mesmerism witch
Where am I now, and who’s this Baker Eddy bitch?

Since when was conviction ridiculed and maligned
Since when does a wishbone substitute for a spine
The hive-mind is a river where lightweights float and thrive
And anything with some weight just sinks and evolves to survive
Track Name: Fingers, Toes
We are the broken ones
We are the tarnished children
We are the bastard sons
Beyond redemption, fear or hope
We are a losing hand,
We are the poison apple
We stand on shifting sands
We stand on shit

Catch a snowflake
Catch venereal disease
Count your blessings
Fingers, toes

We are your swollen tongue
We are your morning sickness
We are oblivion
The final straw to break your back
We are a bad tattoo
We are no anaesthetic
We’ve got designs on you
We’ve got designs
Track Name: Summer's End
“We all knew the summer was done”, said the man on the pier in hushed tones to his son
Halfway through his reverie, we pushed him aside as we jumped off the edge
We swam ‘til the night fell on us, then we fell on the night with an irreverent lust
We made it forever; we made it our own personal property

And we decided sleep just wasn’t for us
Cos when you go to sleep, sometime you gotta wake up
And your dream is over, and you realise you are your one only friend
So we are never gonna let summer end

“We all knew the summer was gone” sounds like the opening line to some depressing poem
And who listens to poets? They die in steaming pots of shit anyway

We cared for everything and nothing at once
The people, the music, our appearance
The niche that we fell in was immortality, unique to our friends
Can summer ever, ever possibly end?

We all knew the summer was dead when you started wearing a wet blanket draped on your head
You called it protection; you called it being smart when you’re in the sun
And as the sun beat down on your brow
Evaporation vapour turned into clouds
Your blanket was dry then, and everything was fine (at least we chose to pretend)
Clouds- a threatening sign of summer’s imminent end

We all knew the summer was done when the clouds went grey to black and people started to run
The party was over and everybody shut themselves up inside
And though all the pools have been drained, there’s an inch of tepid water in them now from the rain
I splash up to my ankles

Splish splash in the rain
But I’m alone now, and somehow it just aint the same
The music’s too loud and my back is in pain
Turn it off

And the man on the pier, he’s smiling ear to ear
He beckons: “son, over here” and whispers quiet but clear:
“Summer is over my dear”

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